Friday, October 24, 2014

Student Success Tip: Ask For Help

Poster for Student Success Tips: Everyone needs a little help sometimes.  Ask for Help.  You don't have to figure out everything on your own.  Experts are available to help you in the following areas: Financial Aid to help pay for college, Tutoring to help you improve your grades, Career Services to help you find your purpose, Counseling to help you with personal and academic concerns and our Library, which can help you research, find books, articles and other resources.

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Successful students understand they can't go it alone and seek the counsel of experts.

Take advantage of the student services available to you at Rio Salado College. Learn more by talking to our Academic Advisement and Counseling Services teams, which can help you:

  • Select degree pathways
  • Evaluate transfer credits
  • Choose appropriate classes
  • Identify college resources
  • Explore university transfer and articulation agreements
  • Personal and educational goals
  • Time management and stress 
  • Set career goals and prepare for your job search

If you're new to Rio Salado, we highly recommend you enroll in our College and Career Success Classes

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