Friday, December 12, 2014

Student Profile: Alejandro Garcia

Meet Alejandro Garcia! He’s enrolled at Chandler-Gilbert Community College where he is working to complete his Associate Degree in Business. Garcia aspires to transfer to Arizona State University where he will pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in business, with an emphasis in global leadership.
Garcia also happens to be one of the first students who is taking advantage of the Communiversity at Queen Creek. In an attempt to save money and minimize travel, Garcia discovered that the Communiversity at QC makes completing his education more accessible than ever.
“When I was looking for classes, I really wanted something that was close by and didn’t require much travel," Garcia said. "The Communiversity offers exactly that."

Garcia was tired of commuting, and was looking for a cost effective solution within his own community.

“I much prefer in-person classes, and that’s the way I’ve always learned. Coming to the Communiversity has been great for me.”

When asked about his classes and the location, Garcia said that he loves the environmentally friendly building.

“Everything is so open, it allows for a lot natural light and has a great energy,” Garcia said. “It really is fun to be here.”

Spring registration is now open, and you can pursue certificate-to-degree pathways in:

  • Business Administration/Management
  • Communication and Liberal Arts
  • Early Childhood
  • Healthcare and Human Services
  • Justice Studies
  • Teacher Education

 To learn more, visit the Communiversity at QC on the web.


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