Tuesday, July 7, 2015

NAU Degree Pathway: Public Administration

    students stand together mingling on the NAU campus
Earn an undergraduate degree in public administration from NAU at the Communiversity at QC!

NAU is a respected public university with dedicated staff on hand to assist students in every aspect of their education. Among the many reasons students prefer NAU:
  • Career-Focused Education – advance your career with degrees that focus on working in the public and non-profit sectors in any capacity
  • High Quality Faculty – individuals who possess relevant public administration experience
  • Online Resources – including advising, library support, IT help and bookstore services
  • Locally Based – NAU Transition Coordinators based on each MCCCD campus to assist with the application process
  • Convenient Payment Options – including our popular payment plan

Check out NAU's fall in-person course offerings at the Communiversity at QC.

Interested in learning more? Make an appointment with NAU Outreach Coordinator, Glenny Carter. Call 602-776-4645 or send an email to glenny.carter@nau.edu.


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