Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Holiday Safety Tips from QC Fire and Medical

Screenshot of Queen Creek Fire and Medical Department holiday safety YouTube video with green borders

Our friends at the Queen Creek Fire and Medical Department (QCFMD) want you to have a happy and safe holiday season.

They've put together a video with safety recommendations to reduce holiday hazards.

Here are some of their other tips:

Christmas Tree Safety
  • Select a tree with fresh, green needles.
  • Place the tree and ornaments at least three feet from any heat source.
  • Water the tree daily.
  • Replace lights that are worn, have broken cords or loose bulbs.
  • Never use candles to decorate the tree.
  • Always turn off tree lights before leaving and going to bed.
  • Remove the tree once it is dry by recycling it at the Town’s tree recycling events

Cooking Safety
  • Keep anything that can catch fire away from the stovetop (oven mitts, food packaging, etc.).
  • Stay in the kitchen when frying, grilling or boiling food. If you must leave the room, turn off the stove.
  • Be sure to thaw the turkey completely before cooking.
  • If you have a pan fire, place a lid on the pan and turn off the burner.
  • Keep kids at least three feet away from the stove, oven, hot food and liquids.

General Safety
  • Never leave space heaters unattended, including while you sleep. Do not let pets or kids play too close to space heaters.
  • Do not plug extension cords into one another.
  • Only use lights and extension cords outside that are labeled for outdoor use. 
  • Check decorations for any frayed or pinched wires; discard any worn decorations.
  • Install working smoke alarms on every level in your home, in every bedroom, and outside of each sleeping area. Test the alarms monthly and change the batteries annually.

The Town of Queen Creek also offers free recycling services for Christmas trees, old electronics, appliances and cooking oil. You can visit QueenCreek.org/Recycling to learn more about their programs.

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